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She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her.

- Proverbs 3:15

Over the years the Co-founders of WCW, Lois Asemnor and Julia Oppong saw not only the disconnect  amongst both immigrant and minority families, but also the lack of mentorship available within minority communities, specifically for girls. Motivated to make a difference, in 2017, they founded World Class Women to carry out their vision of creating an organization that supports young girls in four focused areas: spiritually, physically, emotionally and in their careers. Today, the organization, has moved  beyond helping adolescent girls and instead expanded to focusing on helping minority women of all ages while remaining true to the four pillars.


Our Mission

World Class Women aims to empower minority women of all ages to confidently develop into the best versions of themselves by hosting programs with a mission in creating a safe and enriching environment that is conducive to spiritual, physical, emotional and career development growth.  


Our Vision

World Class Women’s vision is to equip minority women of all ages with the necessary resources to reach their maximum potential spiritually, physically, emotionally, and career development in order to flourish in their journey. 

Our long term goal is to groom a community women to become world class citizens and to pay it forward in order to propel our mission of  changing the world one woman at a time. 

Our Mission
Our Vision


Grow Spiritually: As a christian organization, our most important goal is to help women of color develop meaning, personal relationships with God and continuously grow spiritually. We are aware of the importance of glorifying God and upholding our Christian values in all that we do.


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