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Eve's Project 

For the year 2022, WCW will be partnering with the AJ Hope Foundation , a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Accra, Ghana. Their mission is to help the poverty-stricken in society, assist individuals in need, as well as support local schools, orphanages and the disabled living in Ghana.


Our goal is to raise funds and collect feminine hygiene products for teenage girls within the AJ Hope Foundation network of orphanages across Ghana. This is a community service event that will last throughout the year and we need YOUR HELP to execute.


We humbly ask that all individuals and businesses who are willing to help make a donation. We will be collecting donations every second Friday of the month at the specific link below. Even if you prefer to give at a different time that option is still possible, but we ask that you still use the link mentioned above. Physical donations of sanitary items are also being collected; please email for more information on how to donate physical items.

If you are a business or individual entity who would like to be a sponsor this project please email us at as well.We are so excited to partner with you in bringing hope to the young women in the communities served by AJ Hope Foundation.

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