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WCW Educational Scholarship

The WCW Educational Scholarship was created in 2020 to provide financial assistance to women of color in America interested in furthering their education at an accredited college, university or trade school. As an organization WCW is committed to helping women develop into the best versions of themselves and that means encouraging them to increase in knowledge and supporting their educational endeavors. To win this award, recipients must complete an application, write three essay questions, and submit a well crafted resume or CV. It is important that she explains her desire and need to win this scholarship and exhibit a passion for her community.

WCW 2022 Scholarship Winner


Lily Saki

School: Harvard Graduate School of Design


"I am a first-year master’s student at Harvard Graduate School of Design studying architecture. As a woman and a black woman, accomplishing this statement was no easy task. My undergraduate journey at Wentworth Institute of Technology taught me that architecture was only the beginning of my career. I used my time to explore many avenues outside of my major and loved when they could be interconnected. The first avenue I developed was my love for social justice by studying architecture’s impact on racial disparities and gentrification. I started being more mindful of the community around a site, the history and culture of the people in the neighborhood, and how a new building would financially affect those around it. The second avenue I explored returned me to my original love of writing. I took a poetry course which allowed me to tap into and grow my voice when it came to the issues I was passionate about. I found myself using rhythm and symbolism to speak on the historical injustices of architecture.In the third avenue, I was able to use the design skills that I had already acquired in school to further my faith in God. I began a small Christian t-shirt brand that I hoped would inspire others to talk more about God.With graduate school approaching me, I do not doubt the number of avenues I’ll be exploring. One that I am yet to explore and hope to do so in the future is aerospace architecture. After graduating with a master’s degree, I plan on studying for and taking my licensure exam. This is to open up my international firm, which would be formed under the interdisciplinary fields of social justice, ecology, and sustainability to develop inclusive aerospace architecture".

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WCW 2021 Scholarship Winners

Cyrah Gayle

School: The University of Chicago
Major: Economics and Critical Race & Ethnic Studies

"My specific experiences have transformed me into a young woman who is both confident and conscious of the effects of my actions.  The festering anger that I felt evolved into the unequivocal passion that I use to fuel my fight for those who share experiences like my own. Embarking onto the journey of adulthood doesn’t necessarily mean I will be leaving my childhood obstacles, but on the contrary, I will be bringing them to every stage of my life and will continue to utilize them. I stand as a testament, as someone who broke through the multitude of barriers that were designed to keep me from succeeding, and I refuse to let it ever inhibit my passions". 

Britney Asamoah

School:Howard University

Major: Nursing

"I am currently a senior nursing student at Howard University with hopes of obtaining my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. With my degree, I hope to become an advocate for affordable and quality healthcare for those who do not have access to it. As someone who comes from a family of immigrants, I have always recognized the opportunities I have as someone who was born in this country. However, my family has always emphasized that if I do not use my privilege to help others, then I truly have not obtained success. Many of the pillars I grew up on stemmed from my Christian upbringing. Remaining humble, always acknowledging where I came from, and continuously having faith in God were values that were instilled in me from a young age and that I live by to this day". 

WCW 2020 Scholarship Winners

Faith Adjei-Sarpong

School: Sam Houston State University
Major: Biomedical Sciences with a Pre-Med Concentration + A minor in Psychology

“I am a current Junior studying Biomedical Sciences, aspiring to be a Trauma Surgeon in the future. As an aspiring health professional who happens to fit into two minority categories, I continuously have to display determination in all that I do to get closer to my goals. I continuously have to ignore those who doubt my abilities, including my own self-doubt.On my campus, I am the Director of Public Relations for the Student Government Associations, serving the Student Body and Campus Administration. In addition to campus-activities, I serve as an Ambassador to an enrichment program, Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP), with a goal to create a culture of health and diversify medicine. “ 

Afua Appiah

School: Newark Tech School of Technology
Intended Major: Nursing

“Currently, I am in my final year of high school at Essex County Vocational Newark Tech High School and navigating the college application process. I desire to pursue higher education at Johns Hopkins University to study nursing in pediatric psychiatry. Starting my own practice to address the pandemic and negligence of young children especially Black children who struggle with mental and emotional health issues serves as one of my career goals. “ 

Sekinat M.Kuku

School: William Paterson University (WPU)
Major: Clinical Psychology

“ I am currently a fourth-year doctoral student in the Psy.D. program at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. My clinical interests are focused in the areas of complex trauma, acculturative stress and mood disorders. Making a meaningful impact in the lives of underserved and overlooked communities is of utmost importance to me. One of my goals as a future Psychologist is to invest my knowledge and training into improving minority mental health care."

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